Introducing Kula-75 – our membership programme specially designed for those who value a longer massage (75 minutes) on a regular basis.

How it works:

  • Starting your membership is easy. There is no fee to join and no tie-in period.
  • Once a member, you can book your first Kula-75 session.
  • Members simply pre-pay for a single Kula-75 session or for a package of 3 Kula-75 sessions.
  • Single session purchases are valid for 2 months.
  • 3 session purchases are valid for 6 months.
  • You can change your appointment and book further Kula-75 appointments through our booking system, Jane.
  • Simply look for Kula-75 sessions on the booking page.
  • Ask about joining at your next appointment or call us on 020 7661 7044.


Single Session

  • Kula-75: Single 75-min session
    Kula-75: Single 75-min session £84.00

    (£84 per session)


  • Kula-75: Three 75-min sessions
    Kula-75: Three 75-min sessions £240.00

    (£80 per session)

Kula-75 Membership FAQ

The Kula-75  membership has been designed for clients who feel they benefit from a regular massage. 

Once paid for, making your Kula-75 appointment is the same as with other appointments. We can schedule your next appointment at the treatment room. Alternatively, you can book your session online. Just look for the Kula-75 sessions.

No, the Kula-75 sessions are by pre-payment only. You can either purchase a single Kula-75 session or a package of 3 Kula-75 sessions.

Yes. Simply open your confirmation email and follow the link to move your appointment.

The Kula-75 single session payment or package payment is only redeemable again Kula-75 sessions.

Yes. The Kula-75 single session is valid for 2 months. The Kula-75 3 session package is valid for 6 months.