Personalised Treatment Plan

Personalised Treatment Plan

Recommended for chronic pain conditions

Your personalised treatment plan is designed to relieve chronic pain and get you back to doing what you enjoy most. We work as a team throughout to get the best result.

First we set our specific, realistic goals and create our plan. In between our 6 hands-on sessions, you’ll have some simple, engaging self-care activities to do.

I’ll ask that you check in each day via a simple app and we’ll regularly review our progress and adjust our plan.

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His treatment plan is fully comprehensive in finding effective ways in addressing tightness and pain."

What to expect from a Personalised Treatment Plan

We're a Team

There is something particular about pain where we either feel alone fighting it or are tempted to seek something or someone to fix it.  

Evidence shows however, that alliances work best. 

With this plan, we both work together, agreeing our focus and checking in regularly. In my experience, this gets the best result. 

Agree our Goals

Setting meaningful, specific goals gives us both something very tangible to focus on, that we can measure as we go.

The more specific we make our goal, the easier it will be to know when it has been achieved.

An example of a goal for shoulder pain may be: “By 3rd October, be able to place jars into kitchen cupboard without shoulder pain.”

Personalised treatment plan

Monitor our Progress

Reviewing our goals is essential. It allows us the opportunity to properly assess how we are doing. We’ll have a mid-plan review.

This is usually during the 4th hands-on session as we would expect to see a significant improvement within 4 sessions.

If we’re not seeing enough progress we will either make changes to the treatment plan or if we’re just not happy with the progress we may look at referring to a different therapist or practitioner.

Tailored Massage

Our hands-on sessions will typically be 3 treatments, 1 week apart, then once we’ve made an inroad, widen the sessions to 2 weeks apart.

The exact methods we use will be determined by factors such as the pain condition and effects of the previous sessions.

These methods include myofascial release, trigger point therapy, stretches and a tried and tested fusion of advanced soft tissue and massage techniques.

stretching as self-care

Effective Self-Care

Self-care between hands-on sessions is the backbone of the plan. Each session, we will review and adjust our self-care plan.

It’s so tempting to just rely on the hands-on treatments; but in my experience, those who take ownership of their self-care are the ones who achieve pain-free Nirvana.

Depending on each individual, it may include stretches, self-massage, some form of movement such as Ji Gong or even meditation or breath-works.

Tangible Results

The personalised treatment plan is all about achieving your desired outcome, be it to walk again without back pain or change gear without shoulder pain.

The beauty of setting goals and measuring progress is that it’s tangible.

As we work together and get to know each other, a kind of therapeutic alliance tends to grow. 

When this happens we’re able to be clear with each other around what’s helpful and what isn’t.

When this happens it creates and flow and that’s when we tend to really see some tangible results.

Booking a personalised treatment plan

To explore if a personalised treatment plan is right for you please just give me a call. Once we have a shared understanding of what you have been experiencing, we can decide together if a personalised plan is right option for you.

Book your Personalised Treatment Plan

Plan Options

You have the option to pay for your personalised treatment plan per hands-on session.

You can also choose to pay for a 6 session plan. This is the most popular and cost effective option.

Pay in Full

£396 for 6 sessions
£ 66 Per session
  • SAVING £24.00

Pay per Session

£420 for 6 sessions
£ 70 Per session
  • SAVING £0.00