Holistic Treatments

Discover effective holistic treatments for MSK pain and complex pain with Advanced Myofascial Release and Jing Method™ Clinical Massage.

Our holistic treatments are tailored to you individually to achieve your desired outcome.

Treatments incorporate a range of safe and effective massage and manual therapy techniques.

If this is your first visit, either explore treatments with our free Discovery Video Call, or choose a First Visit Appointment.

Explore with a Video Call

Discovery Video Call

  • Informal and Exploratory
  • Empathic Listening
  • Ask any questions without judgement
  • Learn about treatment suitability and options
  • No commitment - Just explore
FRee Discovery Video Call

Our FREE Discovery Video Call is a great way to explore potential treatments without commitment. Many clients find this non-judgemental space a great sounding-board, particularly for complex and persistent pain issues.

What to expect from your first visit

Your First Visit Appointment determines how we will progress to achieve your desired outcome.

An hour and a quarter gives us plenty time for assessment, goal setting, treatment and a self-care plan

During our session we will agree our treatment plan incorporating Advanced Myofascial Release or Jing Method Clinical Massage

Treatments are holistic, incorporating a range of safe and effective techniques.

First Visit Appointment

£ 85
  • Discuss signs and symptoms
  • Assessment and Range of Motion Testing
  • Special Orthopaedic Testing if necessary
  • Discuss and Agree Goals
  • Discuss and Agree Treatment Plan
  • Advanced Myofascial Release or Jing Method Treatment
  • Re-assessment and Testing
  • Agree and Review Self-Care Plan

Your First Visit

Follow-on Appointments

Our First Visit Appointment will give us an indication of how many sessions we are likely to need.

In most circumstances, long-term or persistent musculoskeletal pain issues are resolved within  6 sessions.

Return appointments are 60-minutes and priced at £80.00. For a better value option, we recommend considering our Kula-75 membership.

Membership not only gives you a longer session for the same price, it also opens up discounts on additional appointments. 



£ 80
  • Regular maintenance massage
  • 75-minute appointment
  • Roll-over appointment to the next month
  • 10% off Kula-75 top-up appointments
  • Cancel anytime
  • Pause anytime
Myofascial Release

Membership offers the best value treatment with the added benefit of further discounts on sessions that are more frequent than once-per-month.

Knowing your next appointment is never far away, not only gives you peace of mind that we can can keep on top of any niggles, it is also a welcome regular space in your diary for some therapeutic self-care.