pain free

Pain relief massage and video self-care coaching for modern living


pain free

Pain relief massage and video self-care coaching for modern living

Coronavirus Update

11th January 2021

In line with government guidelines I am currently open for online video self-care coaching only. 

This means I am still here and available to help if you are in pain or discomfort.

Please call me or book a free video consultation. 


Pain relief massage for modern living

Pain relief massage for modern living

Welcome to a place dedicated to helping you live and work well – pain free. 

Hello, I’m Steven, a registered advanced clinical massage therapist (ACMT) based in Palmers Green, North London.

I largely work with people whose jobs require them to spend a lot of time seated at a workstation using display screen equipment (DSE). 

As such, I most frequently help with the following physical and stress related musculoskeletal pain conditions:

  • Headaches, jaw clenching, and teeth grinding
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Wrist pain, RSI or carpal tunnel pain
  • Back pain and sciatica

Whether it is a pain relief massage, maintenance massage, video self-care coaching or some tips and tricks for your home workstation setup, I’m here to help you live and work well – pain free.

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Booking a pain relief massage

If you are in pain now and need a pain relief massage or are simply looking for a  maintenance massage, please first book a free video consultation.

Alternatively, just give me a call. I am very happy to help over the phone with any questions.

Book a FREE Video Consultation

Understand the issue

Our clinical assessment will explore the nature of the problem and what provokes the pain. We'll test the range of motion at certain joints to see which muscles or structures are involved and what the pain level is. This will also give us a starting point for our goals.

set some goals

Setting realistic goals is the best way to appraise true progress. Let's say you have low back pain when standing up. If we score the pain a 7 out 10. We can then set a goal of it becoming a 1 or 0 out of 10 within a designated time.

create a plan

Armed with our goals, we'll agree our plan. The Jing Method™ aims to relieve or significantly reduce the pain within 6 treatments or less. Each treatment consists of hands-on work and a video follow-up.