Personalised treatment to relieve chronic pain

Jing Method™ clinical massage incorporating myofascial release and tailored self-care.


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"Even after one session I noticed an improvement in movement and comfort and a significant improvement after a few sessions."
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"I felt better after one massage and will book more."
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"His treatment plan is fully comprehensive in finding effective ways in addressing tightness and pain."
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"My ongoing back condition improved with greater flexibility and pain elimination."

How may I be of help?

Specialist treatment for chronic pain

When pain persists it starts to affect everything in our life, including our sleep, relationships, wellbeing and work. Chronic pain is pain that persists even once damaged tissue has been repaired.

So why are we still in pain? It is our body’s self-protection system. Fascia, our body’s connective tissue locks down to prevent further damage. That’s why our soft tissue feels locked and hard. Fascia has a rich supply of sensory receptors. This is why the pain can feel unbearable and like we are carrying a tonne of weight.

Therapies that aim to soften the fascia and release fascial restrictions, including myofascial release and trigger point therapy can help to restore elasticity in the fascia, calm our over-sensitised state and reduce pain. These techniques form the foundation of the Jing Method™ of clinical & sports massage.

Pain issues that benefit from clinical massage

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Low Back Pain

Back pain can be debilitating. Thankfully, however, it is rarely serious and can usually be treated quickly and effectively with a combination of advanced tissue massage techniques.


Frozen Shoulder

Shoulder pain can become chronic particularly when we are stressed. Adhesive capsulitis (Frozen shoulder), bursitis, and shoulder tendinopathies can all benefit from myofascial release treatment.


Neck & Shoulder Pain

Neck and shoulder pain can persist especially for those sitting or working in a stressed position for long periods. Muscles including the upper trapezius, levator scapula and rhomboids can particularly benefit from clinical massage treatment.

sports injury treatment

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries including runners' knee (IT band syndrome) and plantar fasciitis, can persist due to fascial restrictions and overuse. A combination of sports massage, trigger point therapy and sports stretches can speed the return to full training.



Persistent headaches can often be attributed to tight (short) muscles of the neck. This can be due to stress, prologued tension such as sitting at a desk, or previous trauma, such as a car accident. Direct work to these muscles can help to relieve these headaches.


Systemic Pain

Whilst we are still learning about the causes of systemic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and myofascial pain syndrome, massage that helps to calm the central nervous system can reduce flare ups and be of benefit.

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Your clinical massage therapist

I’ve lived with chronic low back pain all my adult life. Many painful and fruitless therapies eventually led me to something that actually worked: myofascial release and trigger point therapy.

The magic of that treatment inspired me to study advanced clinical massage for the treatment of chronic pain with the Jing institute. 

Myofascial release and trigger point therapy form the foundations of the Jing Method™ of clinical massage. I now love helping people to relieve their chronic pain and start enjoying life again.

Download a free helpful self-care fact sheet

low back pain download

Low Back Pain

Low back pain is rarely serious and is usually simple to relieve with some easy-to-follow strategies. This fact sheet explains the nature of non-specific low back pain and gives some helpful tips on how to relieve pain and gain mobility.

IT Band Syndrome Fact Sheet

IT Band Syndrome

IT Band Syndrome (ITBS) is a sharp pain felt on the outside (lateral) knee. The pain is particularly experienced whilst running when the knee passes through 30° of flexion. This fact sheet explores the causes and treatment for IT Band Syndrome.

Plantar fasciitis fact sheet download

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a persistent pain caused by numerous micro-tears of the connective tissue (fascia) on the sole (plantar surface) of the foot. This fact sheet explains the nature of plantar fasciitis and what we can do to speed the recovery.

What people say

Working together


Whether it’s to get you back running, or just get you back to feeling yourself, it’s your goal we’ll work to achieve.

We’ll do that in partnership together, from our initial consultation and assessment and throughout treatment.

You can have confidence that Jing Method™  massage therapists are trained to the highest standards in a range of safe and effective soft tissue and massage techniques.

These techniques include myofascial release, trigger point therapy, acupressure, stretching and tailored self care.

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In this post Covid-19 time, my priority is your safety. From PPE to cleanliness and hygiene, you can rest assured that the highest standards are being kept to create a Covid safe environment.


Booking a Jing Method™ clinical massage

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If you  urgently need a massage for chronic pain, I may be able to see you at short notice. Just give me a call.

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